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Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

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School embraces diversity

There have been several articles and editorials in the Dispatch during this past week regarding the debate around school choice and the number of options that students and parents have here in Vance County. One of the more controversial aspects of this discussion is the issue of diversity, in particular a perception among many that some charter schools are not interested in having a socioeconomically or racially diverse student population. This perception is often based upon a lack of knowledge of the guiding mission and values of many charter schools. In an editorial on Aug. 24, your paper articulated this Read more
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Funds needed for pride of 2019 henderson collegiate charter school wants to give its students the extras

Article and Photos courtesy of MEGAN REAVIS of Daily Dispatch Daily Dispatch/ASHLEY STEVEN AYSCUE School Founder and Principal Eric Sanchez directs after-school traffic for student pickup outside Henderson Collegiate Charter School Thursday afternoon. The school is in the middle of its two-weeks of summer session. Fourth graders today, “the pride of 2019” always. At least that’s how Henderson Collegiate Charter School Principal and Founder Eric Sanchez sees the school’s inaugural class. In 2019 the students will graduate from high school and possibly go off to college. To help students live up to the moniker, Sanchez said he needs financial support Read more