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As stated in current school board policy:

All procurement processes and activities will be consistent with the principles of free and open competition. Henderson Collegiate, Inc. will avoid unreasonable conditions that restrict competition. All reasonable efforts will be made to solicit bids, proposals and/or quotes from as many qualified vendors as possible; all qualified vendors are invited to respond to solicitations.

The procurement of all goods and services using School Nutrition funds will be carefully documented during each phase of the procurement process. The BOD shall award contracts to responsible contractors possessing the ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of the proposed solicitation. The BOD will restrict awards, sub-awards, and contracts with any party that is debarred, suspended or otherwise excluded from participation in Federal assistance programs or activities. All parties involved in the procurement process involving School Nutrition funds will comply with a written code of ethics/conduct, which includes a conflict of interest policy. Adherence to the code of ethics/conduct and conflict of interest policies are fundamental to the integrity of the procurement process.

View the complete board policy:

Procurement Policy

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.