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The Principal’s Office Podcast – Episode 2 – Eric Sanchez
Interview conducted by Leaders Building Leaders

The Principal’s Office Podcast- a podcast dedicated to teaching and accelerating the principals of school leadership.

Today we have arrived at Henderson Collegiate, in Henderson North Carolina and have been welcomed into the school by Executive Director and Co-founder of the school, Mr. Eric Sanchez. Eric also serves on North Carolina’s Charter School Advisory Board, where a group of school leaders and appointees make recommendations to the State Board of Education on the fate of new public charter school applicants as well as existing schools that have been referred for financial, academic, or compliance issues.

This school, Henderson Collegiate, embodies what public charter schools are all about. They started in a trailer on the other side of town with one grade 6 years ago, and grew into a brand new beautiful facility where they are today. As they grew in size, they also grew in ambition, as the have expanded to nearly 600 student in 6 grades, and will continue to grow until 2019 when they will have a full k-12 experience for their families. What also grew through time was their laser like focus on providing support to teachers, and uncompromising expectations for students.

During this conversation, Eric walks us through their system that continues to improve every year, which is, I just have to say, mind blowing. The attention to detail, understanding of a unified vision, and refinement of their practices, have produced a unique and special opportunity for their students and families, and it is for that opportunity, that the charter school movement was born.

Thank you for listening and enjoy.

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3:11 – Why Henderson, NC?
4:31 – Why so much teacher observation and feedback?
6:31 – How often are teachers observed and receive feedback?
10:00 – The paradox of school leadership
11:35 – What do you attribute your performance separation from the other schools in NC?
16:25 – Recruitment process
19:20 – Favorite interview question
20:12 – What three things do new teachers need to master first?
22:40 – Do you ever scare teachers away with your model of involvement?
24:43 – Who is your mentor?
27:05 – What are your go-to leadership and educational philosophy books?
29:50 – Who do you trust to tell you when you are wrong?
32:20 – What have you changed your mind about in education in the past year?
35:10 – Advice for yourself as a first year principal
37:30 – How do you plan in order to avoid using substitute teachers?
42:40 – Operational and financial planning
47:20 – Organizational values of thinking and planning skills
51:40 – What stories will these walls tell in 10 years?

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Leadership and Self-Deception – Arbinger Institute
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