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Dec 19, 2015


LOUISBURG — All 500 Henderson Collegiate middle school students, from fourth to eighth grade, partook in the skits, chants and songs during Friday’s annual Parent Pride Night at the Louisburg College performing arts center.

The night was a celebration of learning, Henderson Collegiate pride and a display of talent for the students’ parents and families.

Deborah Bowden, who came to see her grandson Trey, said she was happy to show her support for the school.

“I am so impressed with these children,” she said. “The teachers here care and they care about the child’s future.”

A lion is the mascot of the local charter school, which refers to each class by the year students will graduate from high school, such as the pride of 2019.

The pride of 2024, or fourth grade, kicked off the show with a number of chants embracing all the knowledge they gained. Students sang what they learned over the course of their first year at the school, like the multiplication tables and the seven continents.

The pride of 2023, or fifth grade, taught a lesson about kindness through a skit about basketball. The message: No act of kindness is wasted no matter how small.

Next came the pride of 2022, or sixth grade, with a skit titled “T’was the Night Before Benchmarks” where students had a visit from their future college-aged selves on the night before important exams.

The pride of 2021 was all about talent with a skit called “HC’s Got Talent.”

Finally, the pride of 2020, or eighth grade, gave its rendition of “A Christmas Carol” with a cold-hearted student learning the errors of her bad attitude after being visited by three ghosts who show the student that everything in life is a choice.

Once the performances were over, school co-founder Eric Sanchez recounted Henderson Collegiate’s growth since it opened in 2010 with 100 fourth-grade students, the Pride of 2019, and just eight full-time staff members in a modular unit on Health Center Road.

This fall, the new middle school facility on Old Epsom Road opened for the 500 students in grades four to eight, along with a new high school and 100 founding ninth-grade students.

Sanchez said the school is excited to introduce kindergarten in the 2016-17 school year.

“Henderson Collegiate has become the talk of the state,” he said. “At Henderson Collegiate, we are not excited about high school graduation. We are excited about college acceptance.”


Contact the writer at smansur@hendersondispatch.com.

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