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Henderson Collegiate High School Staff

Full Name Position E-Mail
Mr. Bush Intro to Comp Science rbush@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Cirino Dean of Curriculum & Instruction ecirino@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Claycomb English III/Drama dclaycomb@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Cortes Spanish 3/4/AP Spanish ccortes@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Dennis Math II/FB ldennis@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Espinoza Director of Operations mespinoza@hendersoncollegiate.org
Dr. Evans Biology/AP Biology jevans@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Gorman No Shortcuts lgorman@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Griffin VPS mgriffin@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Johnson History jjohnson@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Jolly 12th Grade Level Dean/English IV/English Lit AP jjolly@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. LaRoche World History II/AP World History alaroche@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Lemus Chemistry/AP Chemistry slemus@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Lewis Students and Family Events Coordinator ayanalewis@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Marshall 10th Grade Level Dean/Math II gmarshall@hendersoncollegiate.org
Dr. Nagel Physics snagel@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Nowicki Chemistry knowicki@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Olsen Principal jolsen@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Onaindia 11th Grade Level Dean/AP Calc AP/BC monaindia@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Piel 9th Grade Level Dean/Math II kpiel@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Postell College Counselor apostell@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Prosser Pre-Calc/Calc/FB-9th bprosser@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Robertson Dean of Students jrobertson@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Ryan Civics and Government/Economics sryan@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Samuels English II/FB-11th bsamuels@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Terry World History I cterry@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Villegas College Counselor cvillegas@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Young English IV/FB-9th kyoung@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Saheeb English I jsaheeb@hendersoncollegiate.org

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