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Why Henderson Collegiate

Why Henderson Collegiate

Educators today have more options than ever before for where they will choose to invest their time and talents to make a difference in children’s lives. In addition to working toward a mission of critical importance for some of Vance County’s most at-risk students, here are some other benefits to choosing to join the Henderson Collegiate team and family.

Team-and-Family Staff Culture

Henderson Collegiate is especially proud of the incredibly positive culture amongst its staff. The staff enjoy a team-and-family oriented culture that promotes collaboration, joy, and open dialogue surrounding how we can continuously help students to improve.

At our school, you’ll join more than just a team of coworkers as you become part of a staff that spends almost as much time together outside of work as they do at work each day.

Professional Development: Investing in People

We always tell our students that, “If you want more, you have to do more,” and believe that this concept is equally applicable for our staff.

At Henderson Collegiate, each teacher is assigned to an instructional coach who:

  • Provides him / her with lesson plan feedback and feedback on other curricular materials
  • Observes him / her at least 2-3 times per week
  • Debriefs with him / her on observations at least once per week, helping the teacher to identify the key levers for continued professional growth, based on where the teacher is at on the development continuum
  • Provides him / her with additional resources, including curricular materials, observation suggestions, footage of the teacher’s class for self reflection, and more
  • Co-observes along with him / her to discuss best practices in other teachers’ classrooms and to analyze how best practices can be enhanced in the teacher’s class

In addition to instructional coaching, teachers who are new to the school, a.k.a. “rookies,” undergo further training and development to learn the foundational aspects of highly effective teaching practices as they are outlined in Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion 3.0, and as they are implemented at Henderson Collegiate.

Rookie teachers spend extra time during their first year at the school:

  • Participating in teacher tri-athlons (practicing the most effective teaching techniques and getting feedback to improve instantly);
  • Observing veteran teachers teaching during summer session in August;
  • Participating in Rookie Meetings with other rookie teachers and the instructional leadership where they observe videos and discuss best practices; and
  • Attending additional development meetings in July before the start of the normal school year.

During this time, rookies become familiar with the “shared language” of the most effective instructional practices utilized at Henderson Collegiate so that the entire school can experience optimal professional growth throughout the school year.

Advancement Opportunities

Henderson Collegiate takes pride in an effective school leadership team that consists of “home grown” talent. Each leadership team member (including Grade Level Chairs, Instructional Coaches, Principals, Deans, etc.) must first prove to be a highly effective teacher at Henderson Collegiate before earning a leadership position. This means that every instructional leader in the program has an in-depth understanding of all of the 1% pieces that add up to 100% student success.

For those interested in leadership, positions will continue to open up every year at the school as the program continues to expand.

Competitive Pay Scale

At Henderson Collegiate, every staff member is valued as a professional. The pay scale reflects this deeply held belief that our teachers are important to us. Our pay scale is modeled after urban NC regions based on a teacher’s amount of experience and level of education attainment, and yet the cost of living is significantly lower in Vance County than in most urban areas. Once teachers have been at the school for four full years, they begin to climb the pay scale more aggressively starting in their 5th year of teaching at Henderson Collegiate.

In addition to a competitive salary, the following benefits may apply:

  • Health, dental, vision
  • Flexible spending account
  • Holidays and paid time off
  • Participation in the NC Teachers and State Employees Retirement System

2024-25 Teacher Pay Scale

2024-25 Assistant Teacher Pay Scale

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