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Ms. Alston Kindergarten Apprentice Teacher kalston@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Aponte 6th Grade Math Teacher aaponte@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Blackburn Kindergarten Apprentice Teacher kblackburn@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Bledsoe No Shortcuts Teacher vbledsoe@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Bradley High School College Counselor lbradley@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Burwell Elementary School Dean of Students fburwell@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Bush 8th Grade English Teacher abush@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Bush 7th Grade Technology Teacher rbush@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Carey

5th Grade Reading Teacher

5th Grade Level Chair

Ms. Cheek 4th Grade Math Teacher echeek@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Cheek Elementary School Office Manager tcheek@hendersoncollegiate.org

Mr. Cirino


Middle School Dean of Students



Mrs. Cirino


High School Dean of Curriculum & Instruction



Ms. Cortes Spanish III Teacher ccortes@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Cortez 4th Grade Thinking Skills Teacher jcortez@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Cosentino 4th Grade Reading Teacher acosentino@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Davis World History I Teacher ddavis@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. DeLaurence High School Director of Operations mdelaurence@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Douglas 5th Grade Nonfiction Studies Teacher cdouglas@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Ferris 8th Grade Spanish I Teacher aferris@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Ferris Middle School Director of Operations lferris@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Flowe Director of Development mflowe@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Forte

Instructional Coach

6th Grade Level Chair

Mr. Friedlander Earth Science Teacher bfriedlander@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Garcia No Shortcuts Teacher agarcia@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Gill Kindergarten Apprentice Teacher agill@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Gorman No Shortcuts Teacher lgorman@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Griffin

High School Health & Physical Education Teacher

Athletic Director

Ms. Gulati 7th Grade Science Teacher cgulati@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Hetrick Director of Resources jhetrick@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Hicks High School Office Manager ahicks@hendersoncollegiate.org

Ms. Holt


Instructional Coach

EC/Testing Coordinator



Ms. Houghton-Cohen 7th Grade Math Teacher mhoughtoncohen@hendersoncollegiate.org

Ms. Johnson


Elementary School Principal



Mr. Johnson World History II & AP World History Teacher jjohnson@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Jolly High School English I Teacher jjolly@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Lamberg 5th Grade Writing Teacher rhyslamberg@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Lamberg Middle School Band Director rlamberg@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Lassiter Kindergarten Apprentice Teacher klassiter@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Lemus No Shortcuts Teacher slemus@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Marshall

Grade Level Chair Coach

Instructional Coach

Mr. Marshall

Instructional Coach

4th Grade Level Chair

Mrs. Maver School Nutrition Manager smaver@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. McCauley 4th Grade Writing Teacher mmccauley@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Meyer English I Teacher smeyer@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Olsen

Middle School Dean of Curriculum & Instruction

Science and Technology Department Chair

Mr. Olsen High School Principal jolsen@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Onaindia Math I & Pre-Calculus Instructional Coach monaindia@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Pendergrass Teaching Assistant cpendergrass@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Piel Math II Teacher kpiel@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Ramirez 8th Grade History Teacher kramirez@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Robertson High School Dean of Students jrobertson@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Robertson

Middle School Assistant Dean of Students

Transportation Director

Ms. Rodriguez Spanish I &  II Teacher srodriguez@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Roeder Human Resources Coordinator broeder@hendersoncollegiate.org
Dr. Ross Biology Teacher jross@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Royster Recruitment Director sroyster@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Sanchez


Director of Instruction

Principal Manager

Mr. Sanchez


Executive Director

Mrs. Schannauer 7th Grade History Teacher jschannauer@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Schannauer 6th Grade Nonfiction Studies Teacher cschannauer@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Selfe Kindergarten Lead Teacher mselfe@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Shigenobu Kindergarten Lead Teacher bshigenobu@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Shigenobu

8th Grade Science Teacher

8th Grade Level Chair

Ms. Sneed 8th Grade Math Teacher jsneed@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Steffen Kindergarten Lead Teacher isteffen@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Sutton Middle School Apprentice Teacher jsutton@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Sutton Middle School Apprentice Teacher tsutton@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Tabin 6th Grade Science Teacher btabin@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Terranova Elementary School Director of Operations cterranova@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Terranova Middle School Principal fterranova@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Terry Middle School Office Manager dterry@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Treadwell No Shortcuts Teacher jtreadwell@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Tucker-Hunt Math I & Math II Teacher mtuckerhunt@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mr. Tullos 5th Grade Science Teacher gtullos@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Wagner

7th Grade English Teacher

7th Grade Level Chair

Ms. Whitfield 6th Grade English Teacher jwhitfield@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Wiggins Kindergarten Lead Teacher mwiggins@hendersoncollegiate.org
Ms. Williams High School Technology Teacher twilliams@hendersoncollegiate.org
Mrs. Young Middle School Assistant Office Manager jyoung@hendersoncollegiate.org

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Announcement: Check out our Families Page on Mon., Sept. 25th for more info about October break options with the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club for students.